The Hawthorn, 2018. and Walking in the Present; A Tour of The National Memorial Arboretum, 2018


The Hawthorn, 2018 saw me install a wooden bird hide like structure in the woods at the National Memorial Arboretum where I was resident. Inside a narrative sound work played, which was made following numerous research visits; discussions with volunteers, historians, and visitors alike. The sound work talks about that place, its focus; an old dead hawthorn tree. It talks of the animals in that place, the people that came before us, the river, the quarry; the actions that formed that space. Like a podcast I made for resonance extra which takes the listener on a journey to natural materials and their use in our everyday, it aims to reconnect us to our surroundings, to heal what Timothy Morton describes as the Severing; the break between reality (the human correlated world) and the real (ecological symbiosis of human and non human parts of the biosphere). 

Walking in the Present; A Tour of the National Memorial Arboretum, 2018 again saw me working with the volunteers, staff, and in collaboration with the writer Tom Goodchild on an alternative tour of the arboretum. Running alongside The Hawthorn element of the project, and during the course of numerous research days and meetings a tour was formed. This resulted in a guidebook to that tour. 

Both works talk about the place that is now, the place as it was, and the place that it will be, in years to come

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