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Your walk begins at the west entrance to Postman’s Park.

Walk along the sweeping path on the right hand side.


Walking into the park you’ll notice its somewhat irregular shape


Throughout the year between April 2017 and April 2018, the Artist Christopher Taylor and the tour guide Jeremy John would walk a variety of routes in, around and through the city of London. Looking for evidence of all of London’s past a route was formed between these points of constancy


On the 14th April 2018 the Artist Christopher Taylor and tour guide Jeremy John invited members of the public to join them on a guided walk in the present moment through the layers of history that make up the city of London


This guidebook documents that event and the route that was taken 


By following the directions within this guidebook you too can take this tour

As you walk along Noble Street you encounter the London Wall on your left.


If we were to walk its perimeter now it would take around an hour


Once we’ve come together, if we find the hairdressers open, lets make our way inside


Walking nonchalantly past the staff we take the small flight of stairs down and weave our way through the chairs to the back 


A site of constancy


Stepping through glass doors into a dark chamber at the back of the salon we find ourselves stood within the walls of the Roman Forum, built in the first century 


The Forum is a place to gather. To sell goods and produce, and is home to many shops and stalls


2000 years later the market continues to serve the same 


The Bank of England is custodian for the Gold reserves of the United Kingdom and around 30 other countries 


The Bank currently holds around 400,000 Gold bars in its vaults


It’s suggested the Bank holds around 3% of all the Gold mined throughout human history